Walter E Washington Convention Center


Washington DC


JV Partners
TVS Design
Clark Construction

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Design Brief:

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center design and its prominent location preserve the L’Enfant master plan city grid with the suggestion of three connected buildings, allowing two streets to run through the complex and maintain the continuity of the neighborhood.

The center has received the prestigious American Institute of Architects’ Design Award for Architecture and the Urban Land Institute’s 2006 Award of Excellence. While the architecture is modernistic on a monumental scale, the grand entry atrium façade opposite The Carnegie Library is a fitting invitation to a national meeting place. Generous fenestration, placement of concourses, registration areas and lobbies around the perimeter reveal the activity inside to the streets outside.

As Washington D.C.’s largest building, the center reestablished the city’s place in the meetings and convention industry, and has created new economic opportunity for the surrounding neighborhood.

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center is a 2,300,000-square-foot convention center located in Washington, D.C. Allstate Floors D.C. installed carpet in the in the facility.